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Truck Drivers, the Heart and Soul of the Logistics Industry

September 13, 2023

What it’s like working with truck drivers, what they do for us, and why we love them…

Truck drivers are an essential component of the logistics industry, not only for transporting goods from manufacturers to retailers and consumers but also for third-party logistics brokers. Brokers, like Simple Logistics, rely on carriers to transport their clients’ goods efficiently and safely. Without truck drivers, the logistics industry would not be able to function, and third-party logistics brokers would be unable to provide their services. Hence, truck drivers are the heart and soul of the logistics industry.

Simple Logistics is proud to work with some of the top carriers in the industry who are vital to our success in providing efficient and reliable transportation services. Our carriers provide exceptional customer service and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. We value their partnerships and appreciate their contributions to the industry and our team.


Industrial long hauler big rig green semi truck tractor with chrome parts transporting commercial cargo in loaded dry van semi trailer running on the highway road at sunset time.


The service provided by Vite is exceptional, with a 100% satisfaction rate and over 159 successful loads and counting. They consistently handle our shipments from Southern to Northern California and have never missed a deadline. In the several months we have worked with them beginning in February 2022, they have not missed an opportunity to fulfill our needs.

Our driver German has been outstanding in providing updates around the clock and ensuring that we are always informed. We usually book 4-5 loads per week, 1-2 weeks in advance.

–Jon Acton, Logistics Consultant


Semi Truck driving next to rocky mountain


Our experience with Nationwide Cargo Inc. has been exceptional. Teo is the man, he is always proactively booking in advance, keeping us informed about loads, and helping us with routes. Their communication is always spot on, and we have complete confidence in their ability to handle any of our shipments due to their large capacity and extensive capabilities. Simple Logistics is fortunate to have found such a valuable partner in Nationwide Cargo Inc.

–John Asquini, Vice President of Sales


Semi truck driving on road at night


Sam and his team at USS Express Inc. are consistently reliable with communication and book loads weeks in advance, making them a valuable asset to us. They are always open to taking and covering loads, even our backhauls back to Illinois. Sam is a pleasure to work with. He is always in a good mood, even when he is dealing with a challenge.

When USS loads at a cold storage, it can be a time-consuming process that requires patience. However, Sam’s team never complains about the long wait times and they remain one of my favorite primary carriers. Their dedication, honesty, and reliability are qualities that are hard to find in today’s world.

–David DeBlock, Logistics Consultant


3 semi-truck cabs parked next to each other


I have found that the folks over at Circle A Xpress are very dependable when it comes to keeping in touch and being on time. If there are any unforeseen problems, they have backup drivers ready to step in and handle the pick-up. They stick to a regular schedule, which makes it more convenient to plan ahead.

I work with Jennifer from Circle A who is responsible for booking loads, and I must say she is a joy to work with. Jennifer is not only efficient but also friendly. She shares the same goal as me, which is to schedule loads a week beforehand. Although we primarily transport goods along the same routes, Circle A has exceeded our expectations by assisting us with weekend pickups. They completed the extra loads successfully and were able to take on more the following week. I appreciate sending Jennifer my weekly list of loads because she always accommodates as many as possible. It’s vital to have reliable carriers like Circle A to ensure the growth of our company.

–Jarret Ortiz, Logistics Consultant


Young female driver sitting in cabin of big modern truck


We have successfully delivered 100 loads with Direct Motor Lines! Tanya with her team of drivers and dispatchers is very reliable and has made booking loads a breeze for us. I’ve enjoyed growing the relationship between our companies and I’m looking forward to the next 100!

–Stetson Cross, Logistics Consultant


Big rig powerful professional industrial blue bonnet semi truck for long haul delivery commercial cargo going with refrigerator semi-trailer on the summer road with forest and meadows on the sides


I work with David as my main point of contact, and he is very helpful in coordinating everything. Whenever we give them a week’s notice, KLMB always seems to have available trucks out of MN.

David is very attentive and dedicated to providing good service and being punctual. There was an instance where they experienced delays during a delivery in MA, resulting in multiple days of layover, but KLMB remained patient and understanding while we figured out the situation with the customer. Overall, KLMB is my preferred carrier when shipping out of MN.

–Joe Boris, Senior Account Manager


Truck Driver Making Talking Through Radio, Communication on the Highway.

STM Auto

I’ve had a great experience with STM Auto. They are excellent communicators, always booking loads in advance and arriving on time. They are proactive in scheduling future loads and keep me informed every step of the way, from pick-up to delivery. Working with Sebastian is effortless – he’s friendly, responsive, and makes load booking a breeze. I highly recommend STM Auto for all your load needs.

–Alex Aguila, Logistics Consultant


Semi truck with cargo trailer drive on road in green grass field with water at sunset, aerial drone view.

Rock Trucking

Rock Trucking is the best! Their team, consisting of Scott, Jose, Luis, Sebastian, and Steven, has been consistently delivering 15-25 loads per week for us over the past two years. We trust them completely with our customers’ freight, and we feel at ease knowing that only the most reliable professionals are handling our shipments.

–Brett Halan, Vice President of Sales


Happy, young truck driver sitting in the driver's seat, smiling at the camera.


We can always count on Dedicated to handle our loads with care. We have a great relationship with Mike and Tuan that goes beyond just business; they are experienced professionals who consistently exceed our expectations. They always go above and beyond to make sure the job is done well. We think they’re some of the best in the industry, and they never fail to brighten our day!

–Madison Kochanski, Logistics Specialist


5 Members of the Simple Logistics Team standing together in front of a brick building, smiling at the camera

We deeply value our carriers and the strong partnerships we have built with them and their drivers. From consistent communication and prompt service to dependability and advanced booking of loads, we appreciate everything our carriers do for us. We feel privileged to have them as our partners.

Truck drivers make it possible for Simple Logistics to function.  Without them, we could not serve our customers, the supply chain would come to a standstill, causing significant disruptions and losses to businesses and consumers alike. As such, it is essential to recognize and appreciate the contribution of truck drivers to the economy and society as a whole.


Join us in celebrating truck drivers and #ThankATrucker today!

Simple Logistics has a qualified and experienced carrier network that gives our customers peace of mind and our drivers the attention and respect they deserve! Our broad carrier network gives you a wide variety of options and resources on a regular basis or in a pinch. Whether you need LTL, dry van, or refrigerated options, we handle matching you with the right provider.

We make your logistics SIMPLE by doing the complicated stuff for you!

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