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A Decade of Growth

November 8, 2022|

Five core areas of development and growth that Simple Logistics has focused on over the past 10 years Logistics services are needed year-round despite economic downturns, pandemics, and any other obstacle that arises. The Freight [...]

  • Steve Spoerl Story - Simple Logistics

Building a Legacy

October 11, 2022|

The Story Behind the Growth of Simple Logistics In celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Simple Logistics, we interviewed Owner and CEO, Steve Spoerl, to learn about the incredible history of his career, both the highlights [...]


September 13, 2022|

Celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week with tales from these important professionals! It is time to celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week from September 11-17, 2022. While we celebrate our drivers all year round, this week [...]

  • The History and Future of Trucking

The History and FUTURE of Trucking

August 8, 2022|

The transportation industry is constantly evolving and growing. It is one of the most adaptable, innovative, and vital industries in the country! Take a look at the advances throughout history and what may be around [...]

  • logistics industry update

3 MINUTE UPDATE: Key Transportation News.

July 6, 2022|

Rate Flexibility is Key The fluctuating and seasonal aspect of our industry also translates into changes in the quoting process. Gone are the days when shippers would ask for only annual or quarterly RFPs. Now, [...]

Benefits of Using a 3PL

June 7, 2022|

With increased equipment expenses and labor shortages, shippers are looking to outsource their freight processes now more than ever. Even if shippers have their own equipment or good relationships with carriers, supplementing with a trusted [...]

  • TIA 2022 Conference panel

Simple Logistics at TIA 2022 Conference

May 4, 2022|

Jim Caine participates with other experts on where they see the logistics industry heading. Our team attended and participated in the recent Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) 2022 Conference in San Diego, CA. After years of [...]

The Life of an Avocado

March 2, 2022|

Refrigerated Freight and Why Temperature Matters So Much... In most cases, freight requiring temperature-controlled shipping needs an immediate turnaround to be loaded and on the way to its destination. Anytime temperature-sensitive freight has to [...]


February 1, 2022|

An Interview with Simple Logistics: How automations can eliminate errors without eliminating a human touch. In the past, the complexities of full-truckload automation were off-putting to many companies. However, the plethora of supply chain disruptions [...]


January 11, 2022|

A Recap of the TIA Whitepaper The TIA recently published a whitepaper called “Critical Imbalance: Navigating A Capacity Crisis That Won’t Go Away” which is available to TIA members. This was an insightful article about [...]

Bad Weather Has a Domino Effect On The Whole Supply Chain

November 3, 2021|

HOW ARE SHIPPERS PREPPING FOR WEATHER DISRUPTIONS? Across the industry, we have seen just how stressed the global supply chains are, from increased demand for goods to Covid-related labor shortages. On top of all these [...]

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