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Let’s Get REAL

October 17, 2023

Is your load planning team feeling the burn from scouring for spot options? E2open and Simple Logistics are fresh from the e2open Connect conference in Orlando and ready to show how your team can overcome the toughest spot option challenges in Real-Time while incorporating the gold standard in rate quoting.

Simple Logistics is innovating the RFP process with SIMPLE CHECK, a Real-Time Rating-Quoting System that is seamlessly integrated into the e2open TMS. Experience significant time and cost savings via Spot Market or APO rates, all supported by Simple’s top-tier service and communication.

Learn more in this discussion with Simple Logistics and e2open about:

  • How to manage freight claims
  • Battling industry fraud
  • Other industry-wide issues

– Jim Sanborn, Director Network Marketplace
– Brandon Arnold, Chief Commercial Officer, Simple Logistics
– Dustin Wagner, Executive Vice President, Simple Logistics



Experience the benefits of shipping with Simple and get set up with Simple Check today! Call us today at 630-385-7400.


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