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2023 Employee Awards

January 16, 2024

Simple Logistics Honors Stand-Out Employees at Annual Celebration

At Simple Logistics, we have a yearly tradition of acknowledging our team’s outstanding employees by presenting awards based on our three core values: Honesty, Dependability, and Service. These awards are voted on by the entire team of employees. In addition, we present two performance-based awards: Account Executive of the Year and Carrier Rep of the Year!

All of our employees have played an instrumental role in Simple’s success. However, we would like to give special recognition to our award recipients listed below:

Account Executive of the Year: Melissa Mayhew, EVP of Sales

Melissa Mayhew holding award for Account Executive of the Year, standing with Jim Caine.

This award is to recognize an individual who showed excellence in sales, service, and account growth throughout 2023. Melissa Mayhew is known around the office to always be available for her customers and her team.

“She puts service for our customers at the forefront. She understands what the customer needs and the service they should expect when using Simple Logistics.” –Josh Morrison, Logistics Consultant

“Melissa goes above and beyond to service her customers.” –Sabrina Rodriguez, Logistics Specialist

“You can always count on Melissa to handle any situation at any time of the day. She always puts her customers and carriers first before herself.” –Zach Witken, Logistics Consultant


Carrier Rep of the Year: Stetson Cross, Logistics Consultant

Stetson Cross holding award for Carrier of the Year and standing with Adam Schaefer.

This award recognizes consistency and effort in carrier development and growth. The award was given to Stetson Cross for his tremendous work ethic and dedication to servicing carriers here at Simple Logistics.

“Stetson is the definition of service, always comes in with a positive attitude and is willing to help out wherever he is needed.” –Alex Aguila, Logistics Consultant

“He is always working and grinding away. He follows up with his carriers as well as coworkers. You can count on Stetson to get back to you.” –Jarret Ortiz, Logistics Consultant

“Stetson is always here first thing in the morning and won’t leave until everything is cleaned up, he is someone everyone can rely on.” –Madison, Logistics Specialist & Marketing Assistant


Honesty Award: Justin Butcher, VP of Carrier Compliance

Justin Butcher holding award for Excellence in Honesty

We believe our honesty drives our partnerships forward. Justin Butcher, embodies honesty and truth impeccably, no matter what the situation is, “he tells you how it is,” explains Brett Halan, VP of Sales

“He must make some tough calls in compliance. He keeps our entire company honest by monitoring which carriers we use.” –Joe Boris, Sr. Account Manager

“Justin is brutally honest and says what he is going to do. He continually helps in managing the risk that Simple faces every day.” –Justin Childers, Director of Accounting and Finance

“He always has to be brutally honest with people for the betterment of the company.” –Melissa Mayhew, EVP of Sales


Dependability Award: Zachary Witken, Logistics Consultant

Zach Witken holding award for Excellence in Dependability

This award is presented to an employee who shows excellence in being trustworthy and reliable. Zach Witken stood out this past year as showing exceptional dependability among customers, carriers, and his coworkers.

“What hasn’t Zach done? He’s had many different roles and always does each with a positive attitude. He goes above and beyond to learn quickly and perform at a high level. I look at Zach as an ultimate team player.” –Justin Butcher, VP of Carrier Compliance

“Zach always jumps to help you out in any way he can. He has been a huge help transitioning to where I am now.” –Tyler Furman, Logistics Consultant

“Zach follows through on his work and gets back to carriers promptly. He is professional and cares about the freight.” –Jarret Ortiz, Logistics Consultant


Service Award: Ryan Mallon, Logistics Consultant & Weekend Manager

Ryan Mallon holding award for Excellence in Service

This award is about how our employees embody being proactive rather than reactive. The goal is to keep our customers and carriers well-informed and supported. Ryan is always available to help in any way and his motto is “Always try your best no matter what you are working on.” And he believes service means: “Doing everything we can to do what’s best for our customer and their shipment.”

“Ryan always finds a way to contribute in any circumstance.” –Adam Schaefer, EVP of Operations

“When it comes to being a freight broker and a coworker, Ryan is all about relationships with customers, carriers, and his peers.” –Zach Witken, Logistics Consultant

“Ryan is always willing to help anyone who needs it. Even if it’s not something that he’s working on I know I can go to him and ask for help, and he would be there. Which means a lot.” –Melissa Mayhew, EVP of Sales


THE SIMPLE AWARD: Melissa Mayhew, EVP of Sales

Melissa Mayhew holding The Simple Award for Excellence in all Three of our Core Values: Honesty, Dependability, and Service.

The Simple Award is all three of our core values combined into one – honesty, service, and dependability. Melissa Mayhew has displayed excellence in all three of our core values and received the most number of votes among her peers.

“She provides grade A service around the clock for her customers, and it leads to many opportunities.” –Joe Boris, Sr. Account Manager

“Melissa is quick to offer solutions to problems. She works relentlessly around the clock to provide the best service possible to her customers. She expects nothing short of the best at every level of her business.” –Justin Butcher

“Melissa always stands behind the service of her customers, being thorough and honest with them is something I know they appreciate very much. If you have worked with Melissa, you know…. SERVICE FIRST. She preaches service in her sleep!” –Tyler Furman

“She continually shows up, works hard, and produces positive results for her team. She also does an amazing job at training her team, which helps them grow and be more valuable to the entire company.” –Justin Childers, Director of Accounting and Finance


Thank you to all our SIMPLE team members. Everyone here at Simple Logistics deserves to be recognized and there are so many who demonstrate our core values every day. We are grateful to our team, their hard work, and their ability to simplify our customers’ shipping challenges.

Work with a team who will streamline and simplify your logistics, we do the complicated stuff for you. Experience the benefits of shipping with Simple! Call us today at 630-385-7400.

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