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Simple Recap of the TIA 2023 Conference

May 9, 2023

We learned a lot at the Transportation Intermediaries Association’s (TIA) 2023 Capital Ideas Conference in Orlando, FL. The four-day event brought together almost 2,000 transportation industry professionals for education and networking.

Simple Logistics Team standing in front of a booth at the TIA Conference

From left: Jeff Paul, CFO; Steve Spoerl, CEO; Adam Schaefer, Executive Vice President Operations; and Justin Butcher, Vice President Compliance at the TIA Conference

“This conference is where it’s at! The education, information, technology and relationship opportunities are a game changer.”  –Steve Spoerl, CEO of Simple Logistics.

Here were our top takeaways from the event:


The conference panels shed light on key issues impacting and shaping our industry. Fraud in the transportation industry has unfortunately become more prevalent. The TIA hosted an educational session to highlight what some TIA members are doing to implement carrier selection processes aimed at weeding out bad actors. Congresswoman Kat Cammack attended the event and shared insights on legislative initiatives that could impact supply chain and infrastructure projects. And a panel made up of representatives from 3 East Coast Port officials was also enlightening as to what is ahead for traffic flows.

“TIA was an action packed few days in Orlando, and it was exciting getting to experience it for the first time this year. There were so many great learning opportunities, from the general sessions, networking events, and the golf outing, to more specific developmental sessions relevant to our roles. It’s an endless flow of knowledge from so many of the industry’s best. The industry is constantly changing, and being able to attend TIA this year has opened my eyes to our constant need to adapt with the industry. It was a lot of fun getting to meet and learn from so many of our vendors and industry leaders. Looking forward to next year!”  –Justin Butcher, Vice President Compliance
The Simple Logistics team of 4, standing together at a golf course

From left: Justin Butcher, Vice President Compliance; Adam Schaefer, Executive Vice President Operations; Jim Caine, COO; and Jeff Paul, CFO during the golf outing at TIA 2023.



The conference is an opportunity to not only meet peers, but to learn about the exciting advances in industry vendors, software platforms, and tools. Our CFO Jeff Paul participated in a panel with Mcleod Software about building a carrier selection strategy. They discussed how to evaluate a potential carrier partner. The panelists discussed their insights and tips for building their carrier base, crafting a selection strategy, and becoming sticky with the best carriers.

“Each year the TIA allows for amazing networking and learning on emerging industry trends. The exhibit hall was full of vendors providing solutions to the problems we face each day and we are excited to put our new learning and partnerships into place here in 2023. Simple Logistics is coming out of the TIA a better provider for both our shipper and carrier partners.” –Jeff Paul, CFO
Panel of 4 people sitting on stage under a screen showing their names and companies.

Jeff Paul, CFO at Simple Logistics, speaks on the McLeod panel at TIA 2023.



The TIA uses the conference as an opportunity to inform attendees about important initiatives the association is focused on. The TIA has partnered with Truckers Against Trafficking to raise awareness about domestic sex trafficking and provides action steps to combat trafficking. They highlighted real cases where drivers have rescued trafficking victims. There was also a Women In Logistics luncheon for the growing amount of women joining our industry.

“The best part of TIA for me is seeing more of our people get exposure to new industry trends, meet vendors we work with every day, and attend sessions which help them on their development path. The event gets our people out of their comfort zones, and we’re a better organization because of it. Plus, we head there as a team and it’s good to deepen our own internal relationships throughout the sessions and events. We may not have won the golf event – but we counted every stroke ;)” –Jim Caine, COO
Simple Logistics group of 3 standing in front of stage.

From Left: Jeff Paul, CFO; Adam Schaefer, Executive Vice President Operations; and Justin Butcher, Vice President Compliance at TIA 2023 Evening Event.

“From start to finish the TIA Conference in Orlando did not disappoint! It was great to meet several people in person and put faces to their emails. I was able to take something positive away from every event, from the learning sessions to the dinner parties and golf. I had blast hanging with our current vendors, as well as getting to know some new ones. I am looking forward to implementing all that I have learned from the conference now that I am back in the office and am very pleased with the personal growth and industry knowledge I gained. I already can’t wait next year, especially to see what team uniforms we will be wearing for that golf outing!” –Adam Schaefer, Executive Vice President Operations

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