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Technology Advances Steal the Spotlight at Recent Logistics Industry Conferences

April 30, 2024

Simple Takeaways from the 2024 FSA, TLC, and TIA Conferences

The logistics industry Spring conference season is always an exciting time of year, offering the perfect opportunity to connect with peers and vendors, share insights, and learn about the latest industry trends and innovations.

This year, 2024, we had the privilege of attending three major logistics conferences: the 68th Annual Food Shippers of America (FSA) Conference held from March 3rd to 5th, the 50th Annual Transportation and Logistics Council (TLC) Conference from March 17th to 20th, and the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Capital Ideas Conference from April 10th to 13th. These events provided valuable insights and takeaways on how technology is impacting the industry and what it means for us here at Simple Logistics.



The FSA Conference theme this year was “Adapt to Deliver: Driving Resilience through Talent and Technology.” Utilizing AI and Machine Learning to optimize our supply chains was a big topic of conversation in and out of the sessions.

Jeff Paul, CFO at Simple Logistics, attended both the FSA and TIA conferences and shared about the opportunities and challenges that the logistics industry is facing. “There is more technology in our space today than ever before – API quoting, automated appointment scheduling, etc.,” Paul shared. “The challenge is…how do we take it to the next level? How can brokers, carriers, and shippers work together to optimize the flow of products – especially with critical, time-sensitive food freight?”

Jeff Paul stands with Dan Hellmann, CSO at Tabi Connect, in front of a booth at the FSA Conference

Jeff Paul with Dan Hellmann, CSO at Tabi Connect, at the FSA Conference.

Paul goes on to explain, “One example is: If we can use our track and trace to know exact ETA’s of our carrier partners, and that ETA shows that our carrier is early for delivery, is there an open slot for us at the dock for our load? Whether from a missed delivery or just an open dock, having the ability to limit dock time and waiting time in that example is going to help move the needle in our industry.”

The technology topic was also top of mind at the TIA Capital Ideas Conference earlier this month, “The industry continues to move to heavy technology, most notably AI tech,” explained Brandon Arnold, CCO at Simple Logistics and TIA Board member.

semi trucks with a reefer trailers stand near the gate of the warehouse next to other reefer trailers that are loaded and unloaded to deliver perishable and frozen food to consumers


Justin Butcher, VP of Compliance at Simple Logistics, attended the TLC Conference and weighs in on how the growth in technology is impacting fraud. “The logistics industry is currently facing some of its biggest challenges in history. The digital boom that is currently happening in the industry is not only being used for good or helpful solutions to problems,” Butcher explains.

“The industry is being faced with record-high numbers of cargo theft and fraudulent activities. As technology advances in the industry so do the massive fraudulent organizations and schemes. Shippers, Brokers, and Carriers all have a common enemy in the freight world today.”

With the TLC Conference attracting many of the brightest minds in the industry, Butcher is grateful for the tips he was able to pick up to utilize the tools at Simple even more efficiently.

Big rig powerful professional industrial blue bonnet semi truck for long haul delivery commercial cargo going with refrigerator semi trailer on the summer road with forest and meadows on the sides



This year’s TIA conference featured several new vendors in our space, and somewhere near 90 exhibitors and over 1600 attendees. The general sessions, workshops, and breakout sessions were also widely attended. The opening day headliner spoke to attendees about embracing AI and the opportunities it presents.

Welcome sign at entrance to TIA Capital Ideas Conference

“The conference was a success! We had the opportunity to speak with and get to know many of our tech partners better,” Arnold shared.

“It was great to network with many vendors that we do business with and several potential vendors, which is to me the real value of this conference,” explained CEO of Simple Logistics, Steve Spoerl of the TIA Conference. “We are always looking for ways to be better and the TIA brings the best suppliers and vendors to meet with the best 3PLs for that to happen.”

“Most notably, the conference confirmed for us that, although we will continue to look at where we can improve, the technology specs that we have in place right now at Simple Logistics are some of the best in the industry!” shared Arnold. “From our Transportation Management System (TMS) to our Carrier Freight Matching (CFM) and our Carrier Onboarding (Highway), to name a few, we are confident that we have the best systems in place to service our customers.”

4 men standing together on golf course

Brandon Arnold with other members of TIA at TIA Capital Ideas Conference Golf Outing.

Working with the best possible technology partners is critical for not only sales and growth but also for protection against fraudulent activities.

“Listening to other 3PLs share fraud horror stories and ask questions of the panelist made me even more confident in what we’re doing at Simple Logistics,” Butcher shared of his experience at the TLC Conference. “Simple Logistics has invested a lot into compliance and carrier selection to help keep us ahead of many issues.”



All three conferences–FSA, TLC, and TIA–were incredibly valuable for our team at Simple Logistics. Whether for confirmation of what we are doing right or preparation for what is coming next in the world of AI learning, we are taking it all in.

View from back, stage and conference session at TIA Capital Ideas Conference 2024

Economic Session with Noel Perry at TIA Capital Ideas Conference 2024

Technology and learning aside, the team also enjoyed playing in the conference golf tournaments and sponsoring the Beverage Cart at the FSA Conference golf outing. Here at Simple Logistics, we know the value of relationships, and that’s what the golf tournaments at these conferences are all about.

Golf Beverage Cart with Simple Logistics logo on the side and back of the cart.

Simple Logistics as the Beverage Cart Sponsor for FSA Conference 2024

“Overall, the spring conference season was a success,” shared Dustin Wagner, VP of Sales at Simple Logistics. “It provided us with quality time with current customers and vendors who attended, and it also gave us opportunities with potential new partnerships down the road as well.”

“While many of Simple’s technology stack already utilize AI and cutting-edge technology, we are always on the lookout for how to improve,” explains Spoerl. “We are at the early stages of some big improvements to this industry, and Simple is positioned to be at the table.”


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