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Simple Employee Appreciation Brings Elevated Service to Our Customers and Carriers

October 5, 2021

With the launch of our new Simple Logistics branding, we unveiled a new brand that carries a lot of symbolism for us. Our new logo has a checkmark that makes a road, a very integral part of what we do day-to-day. But our brand mark also symbolizes our three core values: Service, Honesty, and Dependability. This year for our Employee Appreciation celebration, we gave out three inaugural awards, each based on one of those core values, and THE SIMPLE AWARD, our MVP award that epitomizes all 3 values. All of our employees embody our vision and make our company stand out from others. These employees in particular help us move our company forward!

  • Service Award: John Asquini, Logistics Coordinator
    John’s motto is “Just book it” and he is focused on getting the job done for our customers. He loves the work environment at Simple and is always helpful to his team, customers, and carriers.
  • Honesty Award: Jacquelyn Paul, Administration Manager
    We can see Jaci’s motto of “Keep on smiling” each day on her face. Her advice is to not take things personally and helps her to stay focused on the task at hand. She manages her job (and her newborn baby) all with a refreshingly kind and honest approach.
  • Dependability Award: Brett Halan, Senior Account Executive
    Bret’s motto “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know” keeps him growing, learning, and improving. He leads by example and shows up for all of us. His favorite thing about Simple is the friends and family. And our favorite thing about Brett is his dependability!
  • SIMPLE Award: Adam Schaefer, Operations Manager
    Adam’s motto is “It’s not just what’s inside of you, it’s what you do with it that defines you.” As a man of action, Adam defines all our core values. He is someone we can depend on, someone who will tell it to us straight, and someone who goes above and beyond.

Thank you to the Simple team members. Choosing winners for these awards was difficult because everyone deserves to be recognized and there are so many employees at Simple Logistics who demonstrate these core values every day. We are so grateful to the team we have and how they are able to simplify our customers shipping challenges.

Work with a team who will streamline and simplify your logistics, we do the hard stuff for you! 

WANT TO JOIN? Are you honest, dependable, and Service-focused? Come join our team! We are a team-based culture with lots of growth opportunities for the right people. See our open positions here:

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