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Congratulations to our 2022 Award Winners

January 11, 2023

Simple Logistics Honors Standout Employees at Annual Celebration

Our employee appreciation event was extra special this time around because we also celebrated our 10-year company anniversary. We have accomplished a lot over ten years and this past year, 2022, has been even more remarkable because of the SIMPLE team’s dedication.

To recognize our standout employees, each year we give out awards based on our three core values:  Honesty, Dependability, and Service. These awards are voted on by the entire team of employees here at Simple Logistics! In addition to our Value Awards, we added two new awards this year based on performance – Account Executive of the Year and Carrier Rep of the Year!

All our employees have been instrumental in Simple’s success! However, we would like to specifically honor our award recipients below:


Account Executive of the Year: John Asquini

This is a new award the company gave out to recognize an individual who made a large impact on our company’s growth, single-handedly responsible for 17% of all of Simple’s loads shipped. John brought on and managed an impressive number of accounts this past year. In addition, he leads an accomplished team that works hard day-in and day-out.


Carrier Rep of the Year: David DeBlock

This is a new award for consistency and effort among our impressive carrier reps. The award was given to David because he never waivers in his work ethic or effort, even in a year full of changes and challenges.


Honesty Award: Stetson Cross

We believe our honesty drives our partnerships forward. Stetson is truthful, speaks impeccably, no matter what the situation is. His motto is “Be polite and always have fun.”


Dependability Award: Terry Spoerl

We put a lot of effort into being consistent with the work we do and the high quality it will reflect. Terry is a person we all can rely on and we all know she will get the job done. “Life is short, make the most of today” is Terry’s motto.


Service Award: Jay Ortiz

This award is about how our employees embody being proactive rather than reactive. The goal is to keep our customers and carriers well informed and supported. Jay is always available to help in any way and his motto is “Nothing is constant but change.”


SIMPLE AWARD: John Asquini

The Simple award is all three of our core values combined into one – Honesty, service, dependability. This person is incredibly positive has a great outlook on how we do business. John’s life motto is “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”


Thank you to all our SIMPLE team members. Everyone here at Simple Logistics deserves to be recognized and there are so many who demonstrate our core values every day. We are grateful to our team, their hard work, and ability to simplify our customers shipping challenges.

Work with a team who will streamline and simplify your logistics, we do the complicated stuff for you. Call us today at 630-385-7400 or visit to learn more about our services!

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